February 20, 2014

Youth Exploration Society Website Launches!

“Any book that helps a child make a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.”  -Maya Angelou

The office seal of the Youth Exploration Society

The office seal of the Youth Exploration Society

And so opens the front page of the newly launched Youth Exploration Society (Y.E.S.) website. What a powerful way to start out, eh? Y.E.S is a non-profit which grew organically from writing the Travels with Gannon & Wyatt series, striving to inspire kids to read and learn about other cultures.

“We at Y.E.S. believe that “The world is our classroom.” Through various literacy efforts, Y.E.S. introduces young readers to exotic locations around the world, thus promoting a better understanding of world geography, people and cultures, and environmental conservation. We aim to open young minds to the world, inspire tolerance and multiculturalism, and educate children about significant global issues. Y.E.S. provides tools, support and encouragement to inspire imagination and empower children to read and write with confidence. Such an effort, we believe, will help provide a foundation for a promising and peaceful future. Experience Y.E.S. today!”

Let’s take a brief expedition around the website:

  • In the “Explore by Country” tab, you can learn about every country in the world, by simply clicking on it’s flag.
  • The “Visit Our Classroom” page provides resources for educators as well as information on some of Y.E.S.’s programs, such as the Global Library, Passport Reading and Ambassador programs.
  • Under “View Our Gallery,” you can check out cool photos from the real-life Gannon and Wyatt’s trips around the world doing research for the book series.
  • “Support Y.E.S.” allows you to donate to some of our championed causes, such as literacy in reading and writing, as well as a bit about some of our inspirations.
  • Last but not least, the “Explore the Y.E.S. Map” lets you take a look at just a few areas of the world that need our attention with a fun, interactive map that’s easy to read.

Want to check the website out? Just click: Youth Exploration Society.

Happy Travels!

Patti Wheeler