September 12, 2011

Wildlife in the Okavango Delta

Location: Okavango Delta
Time: 3:47 PM

There is so much wildlife in the Okavango Delta, it’s almost hard to believe! Chocs said there are over 260,000 large mammals in this area and I don’t doubt it for a second. Everywhere you look you see something big—zebras or giraffes or cape buffaloes or elephants. We also explored the waterways on a mokuru, which is a small African canoe. To be honest, I wasn’t very comfortable on the water in such a small boat knowing there are 15-foot crocodiles and pods of hippos all over the delta. We did see a few crocodiles, too. They were sunning themselves on shore and lucky for us, they decided to stay put. We also paddled up on a family of hippos eating grass. Again, luckily, they didn’t pay any attention to us. I can’t image there’s a better place anywhere on earth to view wildlife. I want to see all of Africa’s Big 5, which include the lion, rhino, elephant, cape buffalo and leopard. Still no lion or leopard sightings. I hope it won’t be long, though.