January 27, 2016

Shopping in Egypt

One of our favorite things to do in Egypt was to wander the local markets, or souks. The markets are set up like large mazes, with new and fascinating things around every corner.

Shopping in Egypt

  • Bargaining is part of the shopping experience in Egypt. It is customary to haggle back and forth over the price until you reach one that seems fair to both the seller and the buyer.
  • Visitors like to stock up on exotic spices and colorful textiles. There are many, many stands in the markets that offer these items.
  • Sometimes the merchants will offer coffee or tea so the customers will feel at home while shopping.

Egyptian Market

  • Since chess and backgammon are very popular games in Egypt, the markets sell lots of different styles. They are good gifts to bring back as souvenirs that friends and family can treasure and play with forever.
  • Egyptian cotton is famous worldwide. In the markets you can find all kinds of cotton clothing in made in Egyptian or American fashions, and also sheets, blankets, and towels. Anything you could possibly want made out of cotton can be found at the markets.


What kind of souvenirs do you like to buy when you travel? Share in the comments!