September 10, 2011

King of Beasts


When I heard the lion roar I got excited and a little nervous all at the same time. I mean, I couldn’t wait to see a lion, but this is the king of beasts we’re talking about. Ruler of the African savannah! Not an animal you want to mess with, right? Well, Chocs drove us right up close to one in the safari jeep. A safari jeep with no doors! This lion was literally within feet of us and could have easily pounced on top of me within seconds if it wanted to. I don’t think I moved a muscle the whole time we sat there, which seemed like an eternity. The lion just stared at me, like he was thinking, ‘Hmm, would this boy make for a good meal or is he too skinny to even bother?’ When Chocs pulled away, I said to Chocs, “That was cool and all, but next time we come across a possible man-eater, how about we keep a little more distance between us?” He just laughed.