April 19, 2017

Disneynature’s Born in China Comes to Theaters

Disneynature’s latest movie, Born in China, comes to theaters April 21! This epic film takes viewers to some of the most spectacular wildernesses in China and features three of the country’s most iconic creatures — the giant panda, golden monkey and the snow leopard.

Just as Travels with Gannon & Wyatt brings “the magic of the natural world and faraway cultures to the imaginations of young readers and their families,” Disneynature’s film series brings the majesty of the natural world to the big screen. Each film showcases a different environment and the animals that call it home, enlightening viewers to the importance of environmental conservation.

Born in China is the ninth film in the Disneynature series. Other films include Bears, Chimpanzees, African Cats, The Crimson Wing, and Oceans. In all these films, the cinematography is beautiful and the stories are fascinating, making for the kind of wholesome, educational entertainment the whole family will enjoy.

The release of Born in China intentionally falls on the eve of Earth Day. If you didn’t know, Earth Day is a worldwide celebration designed to promote environmental and climate literacy. This year Earth Day will be celebrated on Saturday, April 22. So, this weekend help make the world a better place by doing something positive for mother nature. Maybe recycle some bottles and newspapers, or pick up some litter, or even plant a tree.


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