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High-tech Anti-poaching Strategy Used to Save Rhinos

This morning, I heard a troubling story on the radio. According to the story, rhinos around the world are being killed in record numbers.

The story, though sad, did have a hopeful ending. Authorities are stepping up efforts to capture poachers. Recently they began using drones, small unmanned aircraft with infrared cameras, to identify poachers at night when they do most of their hunting. Once spotted, Rangers are given the poachers location so they can address the situation. Ultimately, officials believe the drone strategy will save the lives of many rhinos.

African Lions at Risk

When we traveled to Africa to conduct research for Travels with Gannon & Wyatt Botswana, we came across lions everyday in the Okavango Delta — an old, distinguished male covered in scares from a lifetime of battles, a band of brothers lying around in the shade, a mother resting while and her cubs wrestled nearby, a solo male feasting on a cape buffalo.

It was breathtaking to see these magnificent creatures in the wild. Literally, I couldn’t breathe the first time we encountered a pride of lions at close distance. Based on all the lions we came across in Botswana, I would have guessed the species was doing just fine. Truth is, lions are in trouble.