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African Lions at Risk

When we traveled to Africa to conduct research for Travels with Gannon & Wyatt Botswana, we came across lions everyday in the Okavango Delta — an old, distinguished male covered in scares from a lifetime of battles, a band of brothers lying around in the shade, a mother resting while and her cubs wrestled nearby, a solo male feasting on a cape buffalo.

It was breathtaking to see these magnificent creatures in the wild. Literally, I couldn’t breathe the first time we encountered a pride of lions at close distance. Based on all the lions we came across in Botswana, I would have guessed the species was doing just fine. Truth is, lions are in trouble.

Travels with Gannon & Wyatt Botswana Available Today!

Dear Readers,

The first book in our middle-grade novel series, Travels with Gannon & Wyatt: Botswana, is available today!

Inspired by the real-life expeditions, Travels with Gannon & Wyatt is fictional series filled with exotic settings and high stakes adventure. Through our books, we want to bring the magic of the natural world and far-away cultures to the imaginations of children and their families. Each exciting installment is part of a global journey that subtly instills the importance of conservation.

In Search of the Elusive Leopard

Wyatt Location: Chobe Time: 8:49 AM Temperature: 13 Celsius, 58 Fahrenheit My alarm went off at 5:30 AM, I got dressed and we packed up the jeep for a game drive. Animal viewing is best in the early morning hours. As the sun was coming up over the horizon, we passed hyenas, cape buffaloes and […]

Watch Your Step!

Gannon Okay, quick funny story. Wyatt just stepped in a pile of elephant dung. I know, I know, it’s totally childish, but I can’t stop laughing. I mean, right now he’s sitting in the dirt trying to clean it off his shoe with a stick. “Hey, Wyatt! Don’t get any on your hands!”

Wildlife in the Okavango Delta

Wyatt Location: Okavango Delta Time: 3:47 PM There is so much wildlife in the Okavango Delta, it’s almost hard to believe! Chocs said there are over 260,000 large mammals in this area and I don’t doubt it for a second. Everywhere you look you see something big—zebras or giraffes or cape buffaloes or elephants. We […]

King of Beasts

Gannon: When I heard the lion roar I got excited and a little nervous all at the same time. I mean, I couldn’t wait to see a lion, but this is the king of beasts we’re talking about. Ruler of the African savannah! Not an animal you want to mess with, right? Well, Chocs drove […]

Happy Kids

Gannon Location: Kalahari Desert Today was my kind of day. We went to a small Bushman village and met many of its residents. Everyone was kind, but I especially loved the children. They were so animated and excited to meet us. Our blond hair is pretty unusual to them! We took them lollipops, which they […]

I Need Sleep

Wyatt August 21 Kalahari Desert, Botswana 9:47 PM We made it to Africa! I’m so tired and loopy from all of the travel and jet lag. I keep thinking one thing, but when I go to talk, something crazy comes out of my mouth. I’ll take that as a sign to climb into my sleeping […]

Flying and More Flying

Gannon August 20 Home, Colorado, U.S.A. Time: 10:53 PM It’s late, but how am I supposed to sleep when tomorrow is the day we leave for Africa? Wyatt, my twin brother, and I (with a little help from our parents) have spent a lot of time planning this trip. We’ve been dreaming about a visit […]