September 23, 2016

Travels with Gannon and Wyatt Authors Visiting Schools Across America!

Wheeler and Hemstreet visiting students Oklahoma

Wheeler and Hemstreet visiting students in Moore, Oklahoma

Conducting research for Travels with Gannon and Wyatt, Patti Wheeler and Keith Hemstreet have traveled to the far corners of the globe. Now, the authors are visiting schools across America. During school visits, the authors tell captivating stories, discuss the writing process, read an excerpt from one of the books, show photos and video from around the world, and explain to students the importance of reading and writing.

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Keith Hemstreet author Sacramento California

Keith Hemstreet speaking to students in Sacramento, California

Here’s What Teachers and Librarians are Saying:

A wonderful presentation! The kids have been checking out your books from the library and bringing them back in a day or two. They’re binge reading them and have nothing but wonderful things to say! Also, I’ve spoken to friends at some of the other schools you visited and they feedback from kids and teachers has been wonderful. You did a great job getting the kids excited about reading and world travel. We are all very appreciative!” —Catherine Rechs, Librarian, Sacramento, California School District, CA

It was the best presentation we’ve ever had at this school. —Mark Zeiler, Language Arts Teacher, Orlando, FL

Thank you so much for coming to our little school and visiting us. The kids loved everything! They are so excited to read their new books and I know I will not be able to keep the 9 that I have on the shelves. —Mandy Weythman, Taylor Elementary, Palisade, CO

Thank you so much for your presentation, Patti! I spent 3 years in Africa because my family and I were missionaries when I was younger. Africa is close to my heart and I’m thankful my students have a piece of it from Gannon and Wyatt. —Nikki McCurtain, Plaza Towers Elementary, Moore, OK

Your excellent presentation to our school district met with rave reviews from students, teachers and parents alike. I loved how you were able to capture a large audience and make the books and writings come alive. Your presentation was just the right mixture of slides, story telling, and interactions. Your love of reading, writing, traveling, and learning about new places and cultures was so positive and the books are the perfect fit for sharing non-fiction information with a mystery and adventure story line. The emphasis on appreciating and taking care of our world with it’s many diverse cultures and issues is priceless. The teachers in our district have loved the teacher’s guide available with the books and have incorporated them into their yearly teaching units. Thank you, Keith. You helped create memories that will last a lifetime! —Lynda Willings, Librarian, Eunice Smith Elementary School, Alton, IL

Our parents couldn’t say nicer things about you! Parents, Teachers and students loved you and your presentation! —Velva Behrman, Loma Elementary, Loma, CO

Thanks for a great presentation. The children really enjoyed it and are all excited to read more books! —Dana Pingatore, 4th Grade Teacher, Aspen Elementary School, Aspen, CO

We love you and your books! Keep writing and come back to visit us again! —Dottie Smay, Librarian, Shorecrest Preparatory School, St. Petersburg, FL

Just wanted to Thank You again and let you know that you were a big hit with the kids and the teachers. My students devoured the books they purchased from you and many are planning to order the whole set. —Joey Salyards, California Montessori, American River Campus, Sacramento CA

Thank you again, everyone LOVED your visit and we hope to have you visit next year! —Sarah Smith, Mesa View Elementary, Grand Junction, CO

Just wanted to touch base after your visit and tell you how much we are all enjoying your books. We have now read Botswana, Great Bear, Egypt, and are currently reading Ireland. The students are loving them! —Rachael Mullen, Chillicothe Elementary, Chillicothe, IL

THANK YOU, Keith! The teachers raved on and on about you for days. —Jennifer Douglass, Theodore Judah Elementary, Folsom, CA

Patti Wheeler visiting her alma mater, Pickettville Elementary School, Florida

Patti Wheeler visiting her alma mater, Pickettville Elementary School, Florida

Keith Hemstreet tells students about the time they were nearly stampeded by a rhino in Botswana

Keith Hemstreet tells students about the time they were nearly stampeded by a rhino in Botswana

Patti Wheeler interacts with excited elementary school students

Patti Wheeler interacts with excited elementary school students

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