(by Gannon)

When I was asked to tell you a little about Wyatt, I thought, “Oh, boy, where do I begin?” Let’s see, he’s overly organized, loves science, gets good grades, and has a curiosity that gets us into quite a bit of trouble.  He’s also hilarious, but not intentionally.  I mean, I could tell you some things about Wyatt that would make you roll on the ground laughing.  Like the time we were on a hike and he found an owl den in a tree. Since Wyatt thinks he knows everything about everything, he had to stop and tell us how owls do this, that and the other thing. Well, in the middle of his lecture a harmless garden snake fell out of the tree and landed right on his shoulders!  Oh man, if you could have heard him shriek you might have wet your pants. I think I laughed for a week.  Then there was the time when…ah, you know what, I better stop there.  If I tell you anymore of Wyatt’s embarrassing moments he’ll never speak to me again. So, to wrap it up, Wyatt is everything that I’m not.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.  All I’m saying is that for twins, we couldn’t be more different. Oh, and one last thing, Wyatt’s my best friend.

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