(by Wyatt)

Hmm, what can I say about my brother?  Well, let’s start with my criticisms.  He blows things out of proportion, for one.  He over reacts, for another.  He’s impulsive, reckless, and just a little too carefree for my taste. To sum it up, Gannon just does things without really thinking them through and sometimes that gets us into trouble.  What kind of trouble?  I won’t go into that right now.  Let’s just say, big trouble, though Gannon won’t admit it. Instead, he says that he gets us into “big adventures!” Read our books and you can be the judge.  So, what else?  You know, Gannon is a deep thinker.  Not really in a scientific sort of way.  More in a poetic kind of way, which I actually admire.  Probably because my mind doesn’t work that way.  I’m more analytical.  I value logic.  Gannon ignores it.  It’s almost like he exists outside of reality sometimes – on a different level, so to speak.  He could literally sit alone all day, staring off into the distance, thinking and writing in his journal.  Who knows, maybe he’ll be a great writer one day, or maybe an artist like my dad.  He’s emotional, feeling, compassionate. Okay, fine. I’ll admit it.  My brother’s an awesome guy.

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