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Mary Kingsley: Daring Female Explorer of Africa

In Victorian England, it wasn’t exactly popular for women to have careers, let alone careers that took them outside the home. Mary Henrietta Kingsley defied the social norm and set out to do that which she was passionate about: exploring West Africa in the name of science! That’s something we here at Travels with Gannon […]

Animal Profile: Greenlandic Sled Dog

Greenlandic Sled dogs are one of the strongest, most resilient breeds of dog on earth. Ideally suited the Arctic environment, they can pull heavy sleds over long distances in the freezing cold. In fact, it is said that Greenlandic sled dogs can survive in temperatures as cold as seventy degrees below zero! These dogs are […]

Saving the Earth’s Forests

Authors’ Note: Travels with Gannon & Wyatt: Great Bear Rainforest For tens of thousands of years, human beings existed in relative harmony with nature. It is only recently, the past few centuries, that human consumption has had a significant impact on the environment. Each year, according to researchers, approximately 50,000 square miles of forest is […]