Monthly Archives: October 2013

Five Awesome Quotes About Books and Reading

I continually hear people talking about the demise of the book. Librarians note fewer visitors. Bookstores are struggling. Many, sadly, have shut down. All signs point to the fact that fewer people are reading books these days. In some respects, it’s understandable given all of the options we have today in regards to entertainment. We […]

Cub Scouts Rule!

Wow, did I have an awesome time hanging out with the Cub Scouts at the Cub-O-Ree! The event was held at the Lost Pines Scout Reserve, outside Bastrop, Texas. Among 400 wooded acres of fun and games, Scouts were taught how to set up a proper wilderness camp, briefed in first aid, learned how to […]

Travels with Gannon & Wyatt Great Bear Rainforest Available Today

Gannon and Wyatt can’t wait to trek into the Great Bear Rainforest in search of the mythical spirit bear, but surviving in this unforgiving wilderness proves more challenging than they could have ever imagined. When members of the expedition go missing, the brothers bravely set out on a search-and-rescue mission. Soon they find themselves lost in a forest teeming with grizzlies, wolves, and mysterious gunmen. Guided by the wisdom of the First Nation people, Gannon and Wyatt uncover a sinister plot and must risk everything to save those who are missing and restore balance to the Great Bear.