Monthly Archives: June 2013

High-tech Anti-poaching Strategy Used to Save Rhinos

This morning, I heard a troubling story on the radio. According to the story, rhinos around the world are being killed in record numbers.

The story, though sad, did have a hopeful ending. Authorities are stepping up efforts to capture poachers. Recently they began using drones, small unmanned aircraft with infrared cameras, to identify poachers at night when they do most of their hunting. Once spotted, Rangers are given the poachers location so they can address the situation. Ultimately, officials believe the drone strategy will save the lives of many rhinos.

American Camp Association Selects Travels with Gannon & Wyatt Botswana

We just received some great news! The American Camp Association has included Travels with Gannon & Wyatt Botswana in their “Explore 30” literacy program. This summer, 1,900 children at 76 camps across the country will receive a copy thanks to a generous donation from the authors and the Youth Exploration Society! We are truly honored […]